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Groups Diagram
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Dukar is a stormwarden and member of the Diagram employed by Taravangian as head of the King's Testers.[1]

He is a fidgety man and usually wears a typical stormwarden robe.[1] He is meticulous in his daily task of administering and evaluating Taravangian's tests, always taking care to ensure that the King completes the exams correctly. This annoys Taravangian on days when he is particularly intelligent;[1] however, Taravangian also considers him a dear friend on his less intelligent days.[2]

Dukar is a dedicated member of the Diagram and discusses its meaning with fellow Diagramists Adrotagia and Mrall. He doesn’t wholeheartedly believe in Taravangian's interpretations of the Diagram and speculates that Graves's interpretation may have been correct. He is keenly aware of the dangerous situation the Diagram faces after Taravangian's revelation to Dalinar Kholin about his role in Szeth's failed assassination attempts.[2]

When the Diagram is disbanded, Dukar wishes to stay with Taravangian and continue testing him, but he is commanded to leave. Taravangian believes that after his betrayal in Emul, the tests will no longer be useful, and anyone remaining close to him will be punished.[3]


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