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Type Tree
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

In a storm, they’d fall over flat and just lie there. Afterward they’d pop back up, like a rude gesture made at the passing winds.


The drop-dead is a species of tree native to Roshar.[1]

Drop-dead trees are quite common in Tashikk and are seen growing in the countryside by Lift. Lift implies that there is an official name, but that most of the locals call it by this nickname.[1] They are tall and twisty, with what looks like interwoven vines for trunks. The branches reach toward the sky more than growing to the sides.[1]

The drop-deads survive the highstorms by having incredibly springy roots. During a highstorm the tree will fall flat to the ground. Afterward, it springs back up to its previous position. They grow in small patches, but far apart.[1]


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