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Drominad system

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Drominad system
Starchart drominad color.jpg
Shards None
Notable Planet(s) First of the Sun
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Sixth of the Dusk

The Drominad system is the planetary system that contains First of the Sun, where Sixth of the Dusk takes place. It contains seven planets and an asteroid belt.[1]


There are four planets in the habitable zone of this system, all of which have water as the dominant feature on their surface. According to Khriss, three of them harbor "fully developed human societies," more than any other planetary system in the cosmere.[1] In the star chart Guyn made to accompany Khriss' essay on the system, each of the system's seven planets are named using the number-based Eelakin naming convention:[2]

First of the Sun
The planet closest to the sun. This is also the first planet in the system's habitable zone and has human life. As mentioned, this is where the story of the Sixth of the Dusk takes place. It has one moon named First of the First. First of the Sun possesses a perpendicularity in the form of Patji's Eye. Patji, an avatar of Autonomy, resides on First of the Sun.
Second of the Sun
This might be one of the three planets in the system which have a fully developed human societies living on it. Second of the Sun appears smaller than First of the Sun.
Third of the Sun
Another planet which might be inhabited by human societies within this system. It appears to be the smallest planet in the Drominad system.
Fourth of the Sun
This planet appears to have a ring system. It is the last planet in the Drominad system's habitable zone, and the last candidate which might harbor any fully developed human societies. Beyond the Fourth of the Sun lies an asteroid belt.
Fifth of the Sun
This gas giant is located after the asteroid belt. It has three moons and a ring system.
Sixth of the Sun
A gas giant with four moons and a ring system. Sixth of the Sun appears to be the largest planet in the Drominad system.
Seventh of the Sun
A gas giant with four moons.


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