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Died Killed by Paalm
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Drim is Governor Replar Innate's head bodyguard and head of security.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is thick-necked and tends to growl and snap at people. Despite their mutual dislike, Wax considers him solid, loyal, and dependable.[2]


Drim accompanied Governor Innate to Lady ZoBell's party as his bodyguard. He confronted Waxillium Ladrian as he was waiting to speak to Innate. He was unhappy that the door guards had let Wax bring his guns to the party. Wax responded that the party would be safer if he was armed, and in either case he could use every piece of metal in the room as a weapon just the same as a gun. Drim boasted about having denied Wayne entrance to the party and then backed up to the wall to watch the party. After Innate finished his conversation with Lady Shayna Drim waved Wax and Steris over to talk with the governor.[2]

My lord, this is stupid. The Faceless Immortals? Every second person claims to have met one, just to get their stories in the broadsheets! You're not really considering these claims, are you?

—Drim to Replar Innate.[3]

After Wax chased Bleeder out the window of ZoBell Tower Drim escorted Innate back to his mansion. Drim had three unmarked carriages leave the party, two decoys and one which actually contained the governor. Wax had difficulty tracking him down and was impressed by Drim's precautions. After Wax tracked down the correct carriage, Drim tried to stop him from entering the carriage, but Innate told him to let him come in. After Innate accused Wax of breaking up the party Wax started climbing out of the carriage. As he was leaving he hesitated, and offered Innate one of his Sterrions, saying that he would feel guilty if the governor was shot. Innate tried refusing saying that he had bodyguards to protect him, and didn't need a weapon. Wax turned to Drim and asked him if he knew how to spot a kandra. Both Drim and Innate responded to his question with disbelief, saying that kandra were just myths. Wax told them about his meeting with MeLaan earlier that night, and that there had in fact been two kandra at the party that night, one of whom was the enemy while the other had come to help. Wax then pocketed his gun and moved to leave since they clearly did not need his help. Innate relented and told him to stay. Drim reacted with incredulity that he was believing Wax's foolish claims. Wax replied that the governor had realized that the story of his brother's death made more sense if a kandra had been responsible.[3]

Wax agreed to set up a meeting with the governor and MeLaan. He then bullied Innate into making him his head of security in Drim's place saying that Drim was not able to protect him from the kandra. Wax gave both the governor and Drim secret passcodes to use to identify themselves as not having been replaced by Bleeder.[3]

He was murdered in a saferoom in the Governor's mansion by the kandra Bleeder. The murder was used as a way to cover the fact that Bleeder had taken Innate's bones. Bleeder had been shot numerous times by Waxillium Ladrian, which had damaged her Innate disguise with bullet holes and blood. Killing Drim and holding his body provided an excuse for Innate to be covered in blood when she was discovered by Wax.[4]


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