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Dreamer (character)
Siblings Phi
Died ~2010s
Aliases Dave
Powers Possession of the living, Bolting
Species Poltergeist (formerly human)
Nationality United States of America
World Unknown
Universe Standalone
Featured In Dreamer

Dave, better known by his gaming handle Dreamer, is a poltergeist, the spirit of a dead young man who must possess the bodies of living people. He is part of a group of gamer poltergeists, including his brother Phi, that play games like "capture the flag" and "cops and robbers," using living bodies like "lives" in a video game.[1]

Appearance and Personality

I could see Phi's spirit moving turgidly toward a body, and I somehow forced myself to follow. Two glowing fields, like translucent mold, seeping along the ground unseen to mortal eyes.

—Dreamer describing his and Phi's unembodied forms

In his unembodied form, Dreamer is completely invisible to the living. To other poltergeists he appears as a glowing field seeping over surfaces. When in possession of a living body, he looks and sounds like the person he is possessing, including their accent and some of their mannerisms. In this state he can be recognized by other poltergeists as one of their kind due to a bright yellow-colored glow visible around his form. It is unknown what he looked like before his death and subsequent transformation into a poltergeist, aside from the fact that he was a young man who likely was white and spoke with an American accent.

Dreamer enjoyed playing video games during his lifetime and often played them with his brother Phi. His love of games has carried over into the afterlife, where he spends much of his time playing real-life games with a group of other gamer poltergeists. He tends to be and less stubborn and intense than Phi, and gets frustrated at these traits in his brother. Often Phi's attitude upsets Dreamer, who will respond by acting more competitive and determined to make Phi lose.

Appearances of bodies possessed by Dreamer

  • A businessman in his late thirties who was lean and trim and evidently went to the gym.
  • An old lady who carried a purse, spoke a language Dreamer didn't understand, and spoke English with an accent. Described as "hobbling" and weak.
  • Lorenzo, a lieutenant in the police force. A muscular man with dark skin who wore a white shirt as part of his uniform.


At some point in the early 21st century, Dreamer was a living young man named Dave who enjoyed playing video games. He died at an unknown point and under unknown circumstances and became a poltergeist.

Dreamer and Phi met fellow poltergeists Longshot, Icer, Rabies, and TheGannon, who also love to play games. As a group, they got together often to play games by possessing the living and using their bodies disposably, as if they were players inhabiting the persona of a video game character.


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