Dragon (Alcatraz)

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Dragon (Alcatraz)
World of Origin Earth (Alcatraz)

Dragons were a sentient species of lizard on Earth.[1] They seemed to keep themselves hidden from the Hushlands.

Dragons can breath fire and climb on walls. They can also grow large enough to swallow a bus. At least some of them have horns. The Dragonaut, a glass vehicle shaped like a dragon, is described as snakelike and sleek. It's head is angular, with sharp lines. It has three sets of wings running down its body, all flapping at the same time. At the end, it has a long tail.

The draco-human treaty between dragons and humans prevents humans from violating their dens.[2] Dragons serving a prison sentence are used as transportation in the Free Kingdoms.[3] When this is done, their wings are taken from them until the end of the sentence. As transportation, they carry gondola baskets, using orientation glass, on their back.


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