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World Starsight (station)
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward (series)
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The dione are an alien race.[1] There are many diones living on Starsight, however, it is unknown if this is the race's primary home. The dione have primary citizenship and members of this race can hold government positions within the Superiority.


Diones tend to look androgynous. They have bone-like growth underneath their eyes. Draft’s bodies are split down the middle with them being crimson on the right and blue on the left. These colors are due to the fact that a draft is a combination of their parents. Other than the colors, Drafts look just like any other Dione.


The Dione are of primary intelligence and have achieved a peaceful culture. The reason for this is they re-draft their children until they get a personality that fits the status quo. Diones make up a large part of the population of Starsight.


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