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Profession Assassin
Nationality Fjordell
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Elantris

Dothgen is a Fjordell arteth in Arelon on Sel. He was a tall man, with a powerful build, whose muscles bulged through his Derethi robes.[1]

He graduated from Rathbore Monastery as a well-trained assassin.[1]

After Hrathen's "healing" from the Shaod and returned to the Derethi chapel in Kae, Hrathen woke up before sunrise and summoned Dothgen. Hrathen asked if Dothgen was trained in Rathbore Monastery, which he replied yes. Hrathen had use for his special skills. Dothgen asked who it was for, since only a gyorn or ragnat could make use of Rathbore-trained priests without the Wyrn's permission.[1]

Presumably, Hrathen used Dothgen to distribute Forton's fake Shaod poison to Sarene in order for her to fall before she and Duke Roial could marry.[1]


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