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Died Attack on the Oot's Dream[1][2]
Profession Sprouter
Homeworld Lumar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Tress of the Emerald Sea

Dorp is a sprouter on the Oot's Dream which sails Lumar.[3]

He attempts to repair the Oot's Dream when it comes under attack by the Crow's Song, patching the first holes caused by Laggart's cannonballs using roseite.[4]

Dorp, at the suggestion of Tress, proposes to the ship's captain that Tress should be displayed prominently to the crew of the Oot's Dream, which the captain describes as "the first good idea [he] ever had". They hope that the Oot's Dream will cease firing upon them when the crew sees Tress's Royal Inspector uniform, however the ploy is unsuccessful.[3] When Tress attempts to leave the Oot's Dream to walk across the spores, Dorp tackles her and begins attempting to rip her clothing off to take for himself. He is knocked down when Tress hits him with her pewter cup.[3]

Despite his efforts to repair the Oot's Dream, the onset of a seethe results in the sinking of the ship anyway.[3] Dorp dies along with the rest of the crew of the Oot's Dream when it sinks into the Emerald Sea following the Crow's Song's attack.[1][2]


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