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Profession Groundcrew
Residence Alta Base
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Skyward

“Listen, Spin, you don’t have a shield. Do you understand? The system was burned out completely, and we ripped it free. You are totally exposed. Other than the shield, your acclivity ring is going to be your biggest worry. It’s on the fritz, and I can’t say if it will cut out or not. Control sphere also got a write-up in our assessment. Eject still works.”

—Dorgo cautioning Spensa of the functions of Skyward Five before she took off in the Second Battle of Alta.[1]

Dorgo is a member of the groundcrew at Alta Base.[2][1][3] He is a kind person[1] and well knowledgeable about the workings of the DDF's aircrafts.[2]

He is familiar with the pilots of Alta Base, knowing Spensa by sight, and knowing detail about Callsign: Vigor's history in the DDF.[2] He often works with Skyward Flight, and with Spensa's Poco in particular.[1] He's part of the team responsible for dismantling Skyward Five, Arturo's ship, after it was severely damaged.[1]

Dorgo has some level of authority, giving the go ahead to allow Spensa to take off in Arturo's damaged ship during the Second Battle of Alta, despite no official orders from Ironsides. Before she takes off, Dorgo hands Spensa the helmet with her callsign, indicating that someone in the ground crew had taken the time to find her specific helmet, despite the fact that she had been dismissed from the DDF.[1]


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