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Profession Sailor
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Dawnshard

Dok is an Alethi sailor on Roshar. At the order of Queen Jasnah Kholin, he and many other Alethi enlist to serve on Thaylen ships to learn sailing traditions. Yalb notes that Dok is a competent sailor compared to most other Alethi, although he occasionally got seasick.[1]

In late 1174, he joined the crew of Captain Smta. After Yalb took him under his wing, Dok was victim to a prank commonly played on new sailors as a hazing ritual. First, he was tricked into pretending to see a nonexistent "sailorspren" to win a small bet. Yalb expected Dok to "see" more sailorspren and eventually place a larger bet that he could catch one, resulting in Dok losing his spheres to Yalb. Before the prank could continue, Yalb spotted the ship First Dreams on the horizon.[1]


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