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Groups DDF
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Starsight

Dobsi is a mechanic in the DDF on Platform Prime, and is part of the ground crews.[1]


Dobsi was one of the ground crew mechanics responsible for taking care of M-Bot.[1] Spensa wished Dobsi and the rest of the ground crew could keep an eye on Doomslug, but realized that this is not their job.[2] When Jorgen Weight and Skyward Flight returned to Platform Prime after going to ReDawn, Dobsi and other members of the ground crew were suprised. Dobsi informed Jorgen that they had orders to arrest them for desertion, but was uncertain, not really wanting to arrest him. Jorgen told her that they had orders from Admiral Cobb, who would settle matters when he returned. Dobsi and the ground crew didn’t argue further.[3]


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