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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The Do-Kando is the ancient holy book of Shu-Keseg, written by Dereth and Korath, the disciples of Keseg. It is a very early piece of Selish literature, though not as early as Wyrn the King.[1] Despite the fact that Dereth and Korath wrote their own holy books, the Derethi at least still use the Do-Kando alongside the Do-Dereth.[2]

While explaining his conversion to Shu-Dereth to Hrathen, Dilaf claimed that a Derethi arteth gave him a copy of the Do-Kando and the Do-Dereth, which he read in one night.[2]


In the original printings of Elantris, this book was once referred to as Do-Keseg.[2] This was changed to Do-Kando in the Tenth Anniversary Edition of Elantris.


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