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|books=[[White Sand]]
|books=[[White Sand]]
'''Dirin''' is a [[Sand mastery|sand master]] on [[Taldain]].
'''Dirin''' is a [[Sand mastery|sand master]] on [[Taldain]].

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Abilities Sand mastery
Titles acolent
Groups Diem
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Featured In White Sand
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Dirin is a sand master on Taldain.

Personality and Appearance

Dirin is a young man with reddish hair and light skin. He proves to be a loyal friend and a devoted sand master. He believes that a sand master's actions should determine his rank rather than natural strength.


Dirin was admitted into the Diem and is currently an acolent. He became friends with Kenton while the two were acolents together. The two discussed rumors about Drile's infractions before the ceremony where the Diem was attacked by Kerztians.

Grains of sand will only flow with the winds, Kenton, never against them.


After the attack, which left Lord Mastrell Praxton dead, Dirin returned to Kezare with Drile and the other surviving sand masters. Dirin showed respect for Drile's higher rank despite his frustration with the man's imperious leadership. Believing Drile would be raised by the Taishin as the new Lord Mastrell, Dirin returned to the Diem to retrieve a mastrell's sash when he found Kenton. Dirin informed Kenton of the Taishin's meeting and the two left together for the Hall of Judgement. Upon learning that Kenton was made a mastrell prior to the attack, Dirin encouraged Kenton to assert his rank over Drile and take on the role of Lord Mastrell.

After Kenton was made acting Lord Mastrell, he asked Dirin to set up ladders so that those without sufficient sand mastery abilities would be able to enter the upper levels of the Diem.


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