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World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Dinosaurs. Useless. Let's move on.

Dinosaurs are a sapient species in the Free Kingdoms. They are native to Nalhalla.[2]

They are much smaller than the dinosaurs that presumably lived in the Hushlands millions of years ago, with Tyrannosaurus Rex reaching five to six feet tall. They also have varying coloration (green, orange, etc). They wear trousers and speak with a Nalhallan (British in Hushlands) accent[1]. The majority of them appear to be refined, calm, and well-mannered, sometimes to a fault, which is why they are considered to be useless in a crisis situation.[3]

The Librarians in the Hushlands execute dinosaurs, enlarge their bones and place them into rock formations for archaeologists to dig up, perpetuating the lie that dinosaurs were prehistoric creatures.[1]


  • Dinosaurs were originally said to speak with a Melerandian accent, but the name of Melerand was changed to Nalhalla in later editions of the book.[4]


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