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Dia Vmeer
Parents Mrs. Vmeer
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Sounds perfect for you, cleaning waste? A step up from coward’s daughter.

—Dia taunting Spensa[1]

Dia Vmeer is a student in Spensa's class and the daughter of Mrs. Vmeer.[1]

She has dark hair and is seventeen.[1]

Dia is a bully who often picks on Spensa. Dia makes a habit of trying to goad the other girl, often by taking jabs at Spensa's father, and can be quite vicious with her remarks. Spensa intensely dislikes Dia, to the point of wishing to punch her.[1]

Dia is aware that the children of First Citizen's automatically pass the entrance exam to Flight School.[1]

Dia joined the Administration Corp once she finished school, a job secured for her by her father.[1]


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