Devlin Airs

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Devlin Airs
Profession Informant
Residence New Seran
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Bands of Mourning

People can ask questions, but where there is no money, there are no answers.

—Devlin Airs to Waxillium[1]

Devlin Airs is an informant that lives in New Seran on Scadrial.[1][2]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Devlin Airs is in his thirties, and wears his jacket unbuttoned with a sort of intentional sloppiness.[2] He is short, but handsome, and has a hint of hair on both his upper lip and chin.[1]

Devlin is a man that pays careful attentions to the actions of others in an attempt to better understand them.[1] Devlin is typically aware of the motives and desires of those he speaks too. He is a cautious man and an opportunist, willing to investigate rumors and provide information to others, but always distancing himself from any true danger. Devlin also likes to hint and talk around his true subject of conversation, implying as much as he says directly.


What you're involved in is dangerous, more than you can imagine. Get out. That’s what I’m doing

—Devlin to Wax[1]

At some point during the kandra ReLuur's time in New Seran, he met Devlin Airs.[2] After the attack that severely injured ReLuur, he repeated several names, including Devlin's.

In the year 342, Devlin attended a party hosted by Lady Kelesina Shores.[1][2] During the party, he stood under a mural of Tindwyl standing against the koloss by the fish tanks in Kelesina's home. Lord Waxillium Ladrian had approached him and they had a brief conversation about the Elendel Basin, in which Devlin implied that he needed to be paid for information. Waxillium asked him about the strange coin that he had received from the beggar outside. Devlin said that they were moving through the underworld rapidly, despite the fact that they did not appear to be contraband and that Lord Gave Entrone had bought several, but they were no longer on display in his home. Wax agreed to pay Airs a hundred notes via a direct money transfer, and Airs revealed that a quarter of the New Seran nobility was embroiled in a cover-up of some sort that had to do with a building project in Dulsing and Allomancers, but all other rumors had been stopped. Devlin said he had initially been curious, but after investigating he was now terrified. He advised Wax to leave the project alone, claiming that the Set would not be a true danger for decades or centuries to come. Devlin told Wax that he should pay more attention to the conflict between the outer cities and Elendel, stating that he believed a civil war was imminent. He then left Wax, accompanied by another man at the party.


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