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Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
This page or section deals with theories or speculation.
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Derethil was a western king on Roshar,[1] who ruled during the Desolations He had fair skin and light eyes. He fought the Voidbringers alongside the Heralds and Knights Radiant.[1]

After a Desolation, he commissioned the ship Wandersail and sailed westward, seeking the origin of the Voidbringers. He set off into a highstorm, and after sailing sometime through the storm, they found themselves crashed on an island in an archipelago surrounding a whirlpool. The island's people called themselves the Uvara, the People of the Great Abyss. They nursed the survivors from the Wandersail back to health. The Uvarans punished all failure of any type with execution at the command of their emperor. Derethil discovered that the Uvaran emperor was dead, which caused chaos and rioting among the Uvarans because they had to take responsibility for the brutal murders that they committed in his name. They escaped on the Wandersail with Nafti, the crew's guide and caretaker.[1]

The story of his travels to the isles of Uvara was told by Hoid to Kaladin, possibly using Yolish Lightweaving.[1]

This story deals heavily with taking responsibility for one's actions, and has parallels to Szeth's turmoil, who was forced to go through an almost identical realization during the Battle of Narak.[2] It also parallels Kaladin's choosing to blame various sources, such as lighteyes or the Almighty for his misfortune.


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