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Deral's lieutenant

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Died killed by Baon
Ethnicity Darksider
Nationality Elisian
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Deral's lieutenant was an Elisian man who traveled with Duchess Khrissalla and her party to Dayside.[1]


Deral and his lieutenant were killed by Baon while on the journey from Elis, while the three were scouting ahead. Baon lied about the incident to Khriss about the incident saying that the border patrol had killed the two men while giving the three of them chase.[1] Jon Acron confessed apparent inconsistencies in Baon's tale to Khriss, and Baon later confessed to killing them when Khriss observed that the two pistols he carried were taken from Deral and his lieutenant.[1][2]

Later, when Acron was revealed as an assassin from Skathan, Baon returned and explained what really happened. He said that Deral was a fool, and he was planning on selling Khriss to the Dynastic border patrol. Baon said that he took no pleasure in doing so, but was forced to kill them in order to ensure the safety of his and Kriss' missions.[3]


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