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Died 1168[1]
Profession Messenger boy in Amaram's army
Groups Amaram's army
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Dem is a messenger boy in Meridas Amaram's army on Roshar.[2]

Dem is a small boy of around eleven or twelve. He was presumably drafted into Meridas Amaram's army, and served as a messenger boy in Sheler's company.[2] Due to low recruitment, he was placed in a "deep reserve" squad along with Tien and other messenger boys. He and the rest of the boys were not meant to see the battlefield, and received almost no combat training.[1]

During a battle with Hallaw, Sheler's company suffered heavy losses but were ordered not to retreat. Dem and another messenger boy were sent to Varth's squad for support. They were put in outdated leather armor, and could barely hold a spear; Dem's companion suggested that they run away. Varth quickly realized that they would be useless on the battlefield, and decided to place them in the front of his formation as a distraction. Tien saw the two boys and volunteered to help so that they would not be alone.[2]

As the enemy charged, the squad pulled back, leaving Dem, Tien, and their companion exposed. The boys were immediately slaughtered, but Varth's strategy worked, as the disruption to the enemy's momentum allowed for a counterattack. Amaram and his cavalry then swept in and wiped out the bunched-up enemies. Varth realized that the boys and many other men had effectively been sacrificed in order to make Amaram look good.[1]


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