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Deluse Couvre
Died Executed
Profession Author
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

When regarding the Final Empire in its entirety, one certain fact is unmistakable. For a nation ruled by a self-proclaimed divinity, the empire has experienced a frightening number of colossal leadership errors. Most of these have been successfully covered up, and can only be found in the metalminds of Feruchemists or on the pages of banned texts. However, one only need look to the near past to note such blunders as the Massacre at Devanex, the revision of the Deepness Doctrine, and the relocation of the Renates peoples.

—The Book of False Dawn,[1] written by Deluse Couvre[2]

Deluse Couvre was an author during the Final Empire on Scadrial.[2]

He wrote numerous books, including Book of the False Dawn[2]--a book that any Keeper could quote, as it damned the Lord Ruler's leadership blunders over the centuries.[1]

Deluse went on to write even more damning books about the Final Empire, and though he never blasphemed against Allomancy, the Steel Ministry made an exception and executed him anyway.[2]


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