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Delta Squadron
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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He trusted them with his life. They were like his brothers. He’d die for any of them, and he knew they’d do the same for him.


Delta Squadron is an elite special ops squad led by Hershel Black. They have preformed many missions together, including demolition jobs, extractions, and assassinations.[1]


At one point, Delta Squadron was given a mission in Siberia. They were tasked with stealthily approaching a Russian satellite and hacking it, and they were dropped off a long distance away from the target. On their second night, Calamity, the bright red star in the sky, began glowing brighter than normal and pulsing. Paul Jackson, a young member of Delta Squadron, collapsed and began spasming and muttering to himself. He fell into a coma, leaving the others unsure of what to do. Later that night Jackson awoke, and when Hershel asked him questions, he refused to answer. Jackson said he didn’t take orders from Hershel or anyone else, claiming that he was “free”. Hershel gave the order to attack the facility in the morning[1]

They made their attack on the satellite the next morning, but things went wrong and the guards were alerted. Jackson revealed his new Epic powers, blasting the guards with yellow energy blasts. He started shooting energy blasts at the satelitte, and vaporized O'Brien’s arm in the process. The members of Delta Squadron, horrified and afraid, threatened Jackson and leveled their guns at him. When they opened fire on him, the bullets did no damage and only left Jackson enraged. Jackson killed all of Delta Squadron with energy blasts. Only Hershel survived, since he was the only one not to fire on Jackson.[1]

Known Members[edit]


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