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Died killed by agents of the Set[1]
Profession gravekeeper
Residence New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Anywhere, they don't care none. That’s the motto of the gravekeeper, you know. Just remember, they don’t care none.…"


Dechamp is the night gravekeeper at Seran New District Cemetery.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Oh, I've heard of your honesty, heard it spoken of from one street to the next. Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout your honesty, Dechamp. It’s a right keen topic of interest.

—Wayne to Dechhamp.[2]

He is described as a greasy man with a blonde ponytail. He is known to be a grave robber.[2]

He sharpens his shovel with a whetstone.[2]


My gramps always said, never share your booze with a man who ain't shared his with you.


Templeton Fig, on behalf of the Set hired Dechamp to keep watch over the graveyard and report any special interest back to him.[2]

Wayne and Marasi came to his graveyard to look for ReLuur's missing spike. As soon as Wayne mentioned what they were looking for Dechamp called out to his assistant and sent him out to "ensure that they would not be disturbed"[2] which was in fact a code phrase instructing him to inform the Fig that they had come.[1] After Wayne paid Dechamp a preliminary bribe, he took his shovel and led them to the mass grave where all of the victims of the explosion were buried. He then told the two of them to take a seat and started digging.[2] A while later when Dechamp stopped his work to take a swig from his flask, Wayne asked him for some but Dechamp, refused.[3] Moments later bullets started flying. Dechamp caught several bullets in the initial volley showing how little the Set valued his life. After dispatching their assailants Wayne took Dechamp's flask. Marasi used Dechamp's ledger to locate his boss, Templeton Fig.[1] They used Dechamp's corpse to frighten Fig into divulging the location of the spike.[4]


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