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Died 342 PC, killed by thugs working for the Set[1]
Profession Gravekeeper
Residence New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Anywhere, they don't care none. That’s the motto of the gravekeeper, you know. Just remember, they don’t care none...


Dechamp is the night gravekeeper at Seran New District Cemetery on Scadrial.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

My gramps always said, never share your booze with a man who ain't shared his with you.


He is a small, greasy man with a blonde ponytail. He speaks in an informal dialect with a rhythmic, staccato accent. He is known to be a grave robber and is generally unscrupulous; he is more than happy to take a bribe. He oversees a young assistant and ropes him into his schemes.[2][1]

He drinks a lot of brandy, even while he is working.[3][4] He sharpens his shovel with a whetstone.[2]


Dechamp worked at Seran New District Cemetery, where victims of the explosion that injured ReLuur had been buried.[2] Templeton Fig, the manager of the cemetery, had instructed the gravekeepers to report anyone seeking to investigate a particular plot in the graveyard.[1]

Oh, I've heard of your honesty, heard it spoken of from one street to the next. Everyone's talkin' 'bout your honesty, Dechamp. It's a right keen topic of interest.

—Wayne, to Dechamp[2]

Wayne and Marasi came to the cemetery seeking ReLuur's missing spike, suspecting that part of ReLuur's body may have been buried with the other corpses. Marasi had identified Dechamp as a potential grave robber after noticing inconsistencies reviewing his bank deposits.[5][2] Wayne imitated Dechamp's accent to try and gain his trust. However, as soon as Wayne mentioned what they were looking for, Dechamp called in his assistant and sent him out to "ensure that they would not be disturbed",[2] which was in fact a code phrase instructing him to inform Fig of Wayne and Marasi's intentions.[1]

After Wayne paid a preliminary bribe, Dechamp took his shovel and led them to the mass grave where all of the victims of the explosion were buried. He then told the two of them to take a seat and started digging.[2] Dechamp paused to drink from his flask while he worked, and declined to share his booze with Wayne.[3] Moments later, bullets started flying as a hit squad hired by the Set attacked. Dechamp caught several bullets in the initial volley and died immediately. The hit men tried to kill Wayne and Marasi with dynamite, but it was not effective, and Wayne used his Allomancy to dispatch the assailants. Constables soon arrived after hearing the explosion and apprehended the thugs. Dechamp's assistant disappeared.[1]

Wayne searched Dechamp's hut on the cemetery grounds and found a ledger that implicated the entire cemetery staff as grave robbers and also revealed Fig's role in the attack that killed Dechamp. Wayne also found Dechamp's hidden booze stash.[1] Wayne and Marasi subsequently used Dechamp's corpse to frighten Fig into confirming his connection to the Set and divulging the location of the spike.[4]


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