Death By Pizza

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Death By Pizza
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Death By Pizza is the original name of a story idea by Brandon Sanderson that was an urban fantasy about a necromancer pizza delivery man. The pizza delivery angle was later removed, with the protagonist changed to a heavy metal singer. An official title has not been revealed, but Brandon has jokingly referred to the revamped story as Death Without Pizza.[1]

Original draft and hiatus[edit]

Brandon first mentioned the story in 2010[2] and wrote the majority of a novel-length story before 2013, but it had many flaws that prevented it from being published.[3] Brandon noted that the title was a bit too silly for the subject matter and was likely to change.[4] Few details of the story are known; Brandon mentioned that necromancers would increase their power after death and resurrection.[5]

Brandon continued to occasionally mention the book at signings[6] and in his annual State of the Sanderson blog posts.[7] After looking at it again as a potential reading for the Firefight tour in 2015, Brandon decided that it didn't work, and simply considered it as practice in the urban fantasy genre.[8] Although the story did see some minor development later that year,[7] it was put on hiatus and stayed there for several years.[9][10] The book was never officially trunked, but it took a back seat to other commitments including The Rithmatist and Alcatraz.[11]

Revival of project and collaboration[edit]

In 2018, Brandon mentioned that he was once again actively working on the necromancer novel.[12] In the 2018 State of the Sanderson, he revealed that he had completed a new outline and world guide early in the year and had done additional work on the project throughout the year.[1] He also announced that a draft of the novel had been completed in a collaboration with novelist Peter Orullian, and that the two authors will soon be seeking a publisher after completing their revisions.[1]

Brandon noted that the pizza delivery aspect of the story did not fit the setting and magic system, and he realized that a better choice would be the culture of heavy metal music. The updated novel features an American metal singer living in London who discovers his latent necromancy powers.[1] Brandon felt Peter Orullian was an ideal collaborator since he is a heavy metal musician who has toured internationally.[1] The main character's name is currently slated to be Jack Solomon.[13]


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