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Day of Empire

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Day of Empire
Location Fjordell Empire
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Go to the heathen peoples of the West and declare to them my final warning, for while my Empire is eternal, my patience will soon end. Not much longer will I slumber within a tomb of rock. The Day of Empire is at hand, and my glory will soon shine forth, a second sun blazing forth from Fjorden.

The Day of Empire was a day prophesied by Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth when the whole world would be converted to Shu-Dereth and Jaddeth, the Derethi god, would return to Sel.[1]

In an attempt to bring about this day, Wyrn planned to send Hrathen to warn Arelon and Teod of his impending attack, followed by a genocidal slaughter of all people of Aonic descent.[2] This culminated in Wyrn sending Dakhor monks to Arelon and Teod for the Invasion of Arelon and the Battle of Teoras. Both these attacks failed and Arelon and Teod remained independent,[3] so the Day of Empire has not occurred yet.

Elantris sequel[edit]

In the sequel to Elantris, Wyrn decides to reinterpret scripture to suggest that only the nations to the east of the Atad Mountains needed to be Derethi for Jaddeth to return, so it is possible that the Day of Empire will occur during the Elantris sequel.[4]


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