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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Dawnsingers weren’t spren, as theology has often postulated. Nor were they Heralds. They were parshmen.

The Dawnsingers are the ancient singers before the arrival of humans and Odium on Roshar and the advent of Desolations. One of them wrote the Eila Stele.[1] At some point they switched allegiances from Honor and Cultivation to Odium in order to fight the humans.

Before the Everstorm, the Dawnsingers were believed to be some sort of spren by the ardentia. Supposedly they were healers that kindly helped the humans who had just been driven from the Tranquiline Halls to Roshar, but they didn't do large things, like cutting the cavern that would later become the Palanaeum.[2] According to mythology they also gave humanity the gifts of the symmetrical glyphs and Alethi letters.[3] They also were said to have helped found the Dawncities.[4] It is unknown which of these acts were done by the actual Dawnsingers and which are mere myth.


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