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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Dawnsingers weren’t spren, as theology has often postulated. Nor were they Heralds. They were parshmen.

The Dawnsingers are the original native people of Roshar, ancient singers that predated the arrival of humans and Odium on the planet.[2][1]


Like other ancient Rosharan concepts, Vorin legends obfuscated the true nature of the Dawnsingers for centuries, if not millenia. The ardentia believe them to be healing spren sent by the Almighty to care for humans.[3] They are also said to be the origin of glyphs and letters.[3]

Some lighteyes believe that certain cities known as "Dawncities" can trace their origins back to the Dawnsingers. These claims seem to stem from the spectacular organic architecture that mirrors specific cymatic patterns in cities such as Sesemalex Dar and surpasses known human capabilities, but there is no direct evidence of the origin of these cities.[4]


The discovery of the Eila Stele refuted many of the legends surrounding the Dawnsingers. The stele contained the oldest known text on Roshar, written by a Dawnsinger in their native language known as Dawnchant.[1][5] It recounted the arrival of humans to Roshar after they destroyed their home planet of Ashyn,[1][6] possibly using a Dawnshard in some way.[7] The Dawnsingers took pity on the humans and gave them the land that became Shinovar.[7][6] After the humans arrived, they betrayed the Dawnsingers and even turned their gods "of spren, stone, and wind" against them; this presumably referred to the power of Surgebinding being granted to humans, which motivated the spren to begin forming Nahel bonds with them.[8][1] Odium was involved in these events, and the Dawnsingers considered him a god of the humans.[9] The Dawnsingers believed that Odium sucked in all emotion, and therefore named the humans the "Voidbringers".[1]

After the revelations of the Eila Stele, some members of the Radiant Order of Skybreakers led by Nale determined that the Dawnsingers remained the rightful rulers of Roshar. Because Skybreakers were obligated to enforce the prevailing law, Nale and his followers planned to swear to the Dawnsingers and their laws instead of the local codes put in place by humans.[10]


The Dawnsingers are the ancestors of modern singers, including the listeners. Some of the songs of the listeners—including the Song of Spren, the Song of Secrets, and the Song of Histories—mention the ancient history of the singers. They refer to the perceived betrayal perpetrated by humans and spren, and go on to mention the adoption of forms of power to help fight back (and some unintended consequences).[11][12][13] However, this history is "fraught" and the songs are not entirely consistent.[14]


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