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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Dawncity is a term used to describe a city on Roshar that is old enough to be able to trace the origin of said city all the way back to the Dawnsingers.[1]

As of 1173, discussing the Dawncities had recently become fashionable among the Alethi lighteyes.[1] No city has yet been confirmed to be a Dawncity. One man, Au-nak seemed to believe that the city of Sesemalex Dar was a Dawncity, due to the complex stone patterns that the city was built within. Highprince Hatham's wife studied the Dawncities.[1]

The Dawncities may have been created with the use of Surgebinding, but in Dalinar's visions, he had seen no sign of any of the Dawncities.[2]

They are beyond the scope of what a group of Radiants could create via Soulcasting.[3] They may have been created by the Dawnsingers making use of an early form of Stoneshaping to shape cities in the stone.[4]


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