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Davar Soulcaster
Type Fabrial
Owners Lin Davar, Ghostbloods
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

The Davar Soulcaster is a Soulcasting fabrial formerly in the possession of House Davar.

The provenance of the Soulcaster is unknown, but it was considered illicit in Jah Keved since it was presumed to be stolen from Alethkar.[1] It was loaned to Lin Davar by Luesh or one of his Ghostblood associates circa 1172.[1]

Appearance and Function[edit]

It is similar in appearance to other Soulcasting fabrials; it is worn on the wrist with two rings, a bracelet, and chains that loop around the fingers and connect a triangular setting for three gemstones.[2] At least one of the gemstones is a smokestone[3] and it likely that it also has a topaz since the fabrial would have been attuned to the Essence of Talus in order to create marble, jade, and opal deposits.[4] It looks exactly like Jasnah's "Soulcaster", although the gemstones are not quite as large.[2] After the Davar Soulcaster was damaged, one of the chains and one of the stone settings were expertly repaired, but the device no longer functioned and the gemstones were removed.[4]


After Luesh joined the Davar household as its steward, he worked with Lin and a surveyor to "discover" valuable new mineral deposits on Davar lands, returning the family to prominence after it had nearly gone bankrupt.[5] In fact, Luesh was trained in using the Soulcaster to create marble and other minerals. He declined to show anyone else how to use it.[6] The Ghostbloods were presumably putting Lin in their debt with the hopes that he could supplant Valam as highprince.[7]

Despite the wealth provided by the mineral deposits, Lin continued his slide into violence and instability, and the Soulcaster was damaged in a brutal fight between Lin and his son Balat.[8] After Lin died, his children found the Soulcaster and some strange maps.[2][9]

The Davar children tried to hide Lin's death, but it quickly became clear that they would go broke without a working Soulcaster. Shallan and her brothers came up with a plan for Shallan to switch their Soulcaster out with one known to be in Jasnah Kholin's possession. After Shallan left for Kharbranth, Luesh died mysteriously, and a few weeks later a group of Ghostbloods visited House Davar asking for their Soulcaster back. Shallan hoped to take Jasnah's fabrial, somehow use it to create more minerals, and then give it to the Ghostbloods to replace the one that was broken.[1]

Shallan traveled to Kharbranth, was taken on as Jasnah's ward, and managed to swap the broken Soulcaster with Jasnah's.[1][3] Jasnah wore the Davar Soulcaster for some time, not realizing it was broken since her own Soulcaster was a decoy.[10] Shallan eventually revealed to Jasnah that she had swapped the fabrials after she was poisoned by the ardent Kabsal.[11] After Jasnah was able to save her anyway, Shallan finally realized that both she and Jasnah could manipulate the Surge of Transformation and didn't need the fabrials at all.[12]

Jasnah told Shallan that Navani might be able to fully repair the Davar Soulcaster.[13] However, Shallan lost it to the ocean during the sinking of the Wind's Pleasure.[14]


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