Dark One: Forgotten

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Dark One: Forgotten>
Dark One (franchise)
Precedes Dark One: Prophetic Histories
Collaborators Dan Wells[1]
Released jan 2023

Dark One: Forgotten is the planned first installment of an upcoming audio series set in the Dark One universe. It is being developed by Mainframe and the rights are held by Recorded Books.[2] The project is a collaboration between Dan Wells and Brandon Sanderson; Dan finished his work on it on August 30, 2021.[1] The audio release is scheduled for October 2022.[3]

Forgotten will be structured like a true-crime podcast in the vein of Serial, about a journalist tracking a killer whom no one can remember.[4][2] It is planned to be six episodes with full cast, music, and sound design. It is being written as a shorter tie-in, and is not as long as a full novel.[3] The story serves as a prequel to the first Dark One graphic novel.[1]


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