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Aon Dao.svg
Abilities Splinter of Devotion, Worldhopper
Bonded With Kaise[1]
Groups Ghostbloods
Species Seon
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Dao is a seon, a magical being from Sel. He is bonded to Kaise, an Arelene, and joins her in the service of the Ghostbloods on Scadrial.[1][2] He is named for Aon Dao, which means "stability" or "security".[3][fn 1]

Dao shares the characteristics and presumably the abilities of other seons. His "body" consists of a glowing, melon-sized sphere of shimmering white light with Aon Dao faintly visible at its center. He moves by floating, and is able to link to other seons to instantly communicate across great distances and even different realms. Dao speaks with a soft voice; unlike Kaise, he does not use Connection "tricks" to speak the local language on Scadrial.[2]


Dao was not seen in Kaise's youth on Sel. He is first seen at her side when she is an adult member of the Ghostbloods using the codename "Codenames Are Stupid". The pair were members of a mission on Scadrial to resist Trell and undermine the Set, in a team that included Moonlight and TwinSoul. Dao facilitated communication of the team with Kelsier, who presumably had his own seon.[2]

Dao met Marasi Colms after Moonlight brought her to the Ghostblood safehouse. Dao spoke to Marasi in the Aonic language; Kaise translated and told Marasi that he had complimented her hair. Marasi, who heard his name as "Dae-oh", was generally baffled by Dao's existence.[2]


  1. Aon Dao also forms the root of the names of Kaise's mother Daora and her "twin" Daorn, although this may simply be a coincidence.
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