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Siblings Jax
Died Killed by Lovestruck[1]
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)
Introduced In Lux

Sorry Jax. Older brother’s entitlement. The oldest brother at the table always gets the soggiest piece of bacon. It’s pretty much the law.

—Dan after stealing Jax’s piece of bacon.[1]

Dan is a college student and the older brother of Jax.[1]

He’s a history major, and goes to Boston University. He has a fascination with the American Civil War, and owns parts from antique muskets as well as a model sword. He wears a silver class ring which Jax retrieves after his death. He is killed by Lovestruck when she reverses the flow of the blood throughout his body, overloading his heart.[1]



Dan and Jax are very close, and still makes time to play with Jax despite being in college. Dan and Jax play fight over bacon. Dan knows that Jax likes the crispy slices, so he pretends to steal the soggy slices from Jax's plate and replaces them with crispy slices from his own.[1] They also enjoy reenacting Civil War scenes together and tinkering with Civil War muskets. Dan is never afraid to be silly, and makes funny faces at Jax to make him laugh.[1]


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