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World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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A DaiKeen is a Kerztian economic and social grouping similar to the Professions in Lossand. Members of a DaiKeen indicate which one they belong to with symbols or markings at their foreheads.

The DaiKeenin[edit]

Warrior DaiKeen
The warrior DaiKeen consists of soldiers. Warriors usually wear armor in battle and fight with swords and zinkallin. Warriors tattoo an 'X' on their foreheads.[1]
Priest DaiKeen
The priest DaiKeen teach and administer the Ker'Reen Philosophy among Kerztians. They are lead by the A'Kar, or high priest.[2] Priests wear a square-shaped scar on their foreheads.[1]
Merchant DaiKeen
The merchant DaiKeen consists of merchants. The king of Kerzta has been chosen from the merchant DaiKeen in all four Choosings over the past 200 years.[2]
Warrior priest DaiKeen
Recent evidence suggests that a new "warrior priest" DaiKeen may be forming, apparently backed by the A'Kar.[2] These seem to cut X-shaped scars on their foreheads--often on top of their prior markings.[1] They have also been seen to shave their heads and wear no armor in battle.


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