D'Denir statues

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D'Denir statues
World Nalthis
Featured In Warbreaker

The D'Denir Celabrin are statues situated throughout T'Telir in Hallandren.[1]

According to legend, Peacegiver the Blessed commissioned the statues as a gift to the Hallandren, a symbol of the end of the Manywar.[1][2] This original group stands in D'Denir Garden. Over time more statues were built throughout the city, and many people dress the statues in colorful clothing.[1]

The original statues are secretly Kalad's Phantoms, Lifeless made of bone encased in stone that were used by Vasher to end the Manywar.[3]

After the events of Warbreaker, they are on the way to Idris to save the city from the Hallandren army of Lifeless that is going to attack it.[4]


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