D'Denir garden

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D'Denir garden
City T'Telir
Nation Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere

The D'Denir garden is a public park in the city of T'Telir on Nalthis.[1]


The garden is an open, grassy field containing many D'Denir statues, some greenery, and benches. Unlike other open green areas in the city, the D'Denir garden doesn't feature any flowers or trees and it isn't full of bustling people.[2] Instead, it is a reverent place full of hundreds of weathered D'Denir statues, the oldest D'Denir in the city. The people of Hallandren believe that the statues in the park were left to the city by Peacegiver the Blessed as a memorial to those who died in the Manywar[2] and a reminder not to go to war.[3] Other D'Denir scattered throughout the city are modeled on the original statues in the garden.[2] The garden is noticeably quiet and serene in comparison to the rest of T'Telir.[2] Despite this, it is a popular place for clandestine meetings after hours.[4]


Vivenna and Denth's crew went to the garden to meet with a group of forgers and a group of thieves who would carry out their plans in the city.[2] Vivenna was amazed by the level of detail in each statue, although she disapproved of the Hallandren custom of decorating them with colorful cloths and costumes.[2] The day after these meetings, they went back to the garden, only to find the corpses of several members of a thieving crew that they had worked with.[5] The crew had been killed by Vasher and Nightblood because of their connection to Denth, although the location was simply a coincidence.[4]


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