Curse of Kind

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Curse of Kind
Related to Siah Aimians
Origin Aimia
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

When the Curse of Kind followed you, you learned to take what happened as it happened.

Axies' thoughts[1]

The Curse of Kind is something that affects Axies the Collector; he specifically describes it as "following" him.[1] Bad luck follows in the wake of those with Curse of Kind, affecting people who interact with someone with the curse and possibly those with the curse as well. This effect is tied to Fortune.[2] As a result of the curse, Axies has learned to be more accepting of and adjust to events that happen to him.[1] The curse may be related to the Siah Aimians or Aimia more broadly. It is similar to the Torment caused by wielding a Dawnshard.[3]


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