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Profession Military officer
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Lord Culee is a noble military commander on Scadrial during the Final Empire. He participated in the Battle of Luthadel.[1]

During the battle, Culee had command of Battalion Sixteen and was stationed at the Steel Gate; Sazed was also present as an observer. Culee was ordered to bring reinforcements to the Pewter Gate by Lord Penrod, where part of the primary koloss assault was taking place. Sazed noted that the Steel Gate was left with inadequate defenses after Culee left with six of the ten companies under his command, including most of his best men. After Culee's departure, the inexperienced Captain Bedes was left in charge of the remaining four hundred men as increasing numbers of koloss attacked the Steel Gate.[1][2] Culee's fate is unknown.


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