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Relatives Noril (uncle)
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Cressa is a refugee on Roshar.[1][2] She is the niece of an Alethi man named Noril.[2]

She was one of the many refugees in Urithiru that were affected by a mild sickness that spread through the tower in 1175. While Kaladin was treating her cough, she mentioned that she could not find her uncle, Noril. She wondered if Kaladin had seen him, as he may have arrived in Hearthstone shortly before its evacuation by the Fourth Bridge. Her plight stuck in Kaladin's mind, and Teft agreed to help him look for Noril.[1]

Lirin actually remembered seeing Cressa's uncle in Hearthstone, and the two Windrunners eventually found Noril in a ward where ardents of the Devotary of Mercy kept people who were suffering from mental ailments. Kaladin told Noril that Cressa was looking for him; Noril, who was distressed due to inadequate treatment by the ardents, wanted her to think that he was dead. After Kaladin removed him from the situation, Noril felt better and asked how Cressa was doing.[2]


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