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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Now, as the Truthwatchers were esoteric in nature, their order being formed entirely of those who never spoke or wrote of what they did, in this lies frustration for those who would see their exceeding secrecy from the outside; they were not naturally inclined to explanation; and in the case of Corberon’s disagreements, their silence was not a sign of an exceeding abundance of disdain, but rather an exceeding abundance of tact.

Words of Radiance, chapter 11, page 6[1]

Corberon is a person who lived before the Recreance on Roshar.[1]

Corberon was referred to in Words of Radiance in relation to the Truthwatchers. Corberon was mentioned as having "disagreements," though it is not clear whether Corberon had a disagreement with the Truthwatchers, or Corberon was a Truthwatcher who had a disagreement with others. However, in this incident, the Truthwatchers' silence on this matter came from tactfulness instead of disdain.


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