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Featured Article: Azir

by Otto didact
A locator map of Azir

You underestimate your importance. Azir's Oathgate will be vital, and you are the strongest kingdom of the west. With Azir at our side, many other countries will join with us.

Azir is a kingdom in southwest Roshar. Its capital is Azimir. The people and language of Azir are both referred to as Azish.


Azir is a land-locked state in southwestern Roshar, in the geographical region known as Makabak. The largest Makabaki state, it covers an area of roughly 1,343,000 km2, making it the seventh largest nation on the planet. To the southeast, it is bordered by the nation of Emul along a river that serves as Azir's only way to access the sea. The smaller nations of Tashikk, Yezier and Desh lay to the west, while in the north, it shares a long border with Yulay.

Like most of Makabak, Azir is rather dry and warm compared to the rest of the continent, though it is still cooler than Iri. There are broad plains and few rivers. A vast mountain range stretches across the country's northern and northeastern edge, with a wide pass leading due north to Yulay. The tower-city of Urithiru is not far from Azir, in the peaks directly east of Azimir.

Notable locations
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