Cognitive anomaly

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Cognitive anomaly
Related to Realmatic Theory
Universe Cosmere

A Cognitive anomaly is a phenomenon in the cosmere related to the Cognitive Realm.

The only known instance of a Cognitive anomaly is in the Nalthian system. The scholars of Silverlight have a star chart that shows an anomaly within the orbital path of Nalthis. The map's representation of the anomaly resembles a roughly planet-sized gaseous cloud;[1] it is unclear if this is a stylized depiction or if the anomaly actually exists in the Physical Realm.


Silvery chains that originate on Threnody[2] somehow allow a user to "anchor" themselves through a Cognitive anomaly.[3] The implications of anchoring are unknown, but the chains are incredibly rare and valuable on other planets. While traveling through Celebrant in Shadesmar, Kaladin notices a thin silver chain offered by a cultivationspren vendor for a seemingly exorbitant price.[4] Although silver exhibits magical properties on Threnody, the exact composition of the chains remains unknown.

Raboniel, a cosmere-aware Fused on Roshar, is given a metal item in a bag by Mraize, presumably a silver chain. She is shocked to see it,[5] and calls it a priceless wonder from the land of the dead.[3]

The chains are known to be used by the scholars of Silverlight.[2] Raboniel notes that her chain has no use to her within the Rosharan system, implying that there is no Cognitive anomaly there.[3]


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