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Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Words of Radiance
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

It's taken care of, bridgeman,. Go back to your barrack and pretend nothing is happening.

—Cleft-chin to Kaladin[1]

Cleft-chin is the nickname given by Kaladin to one of the assassins sent to kill King Elhokar Kholin on the Shattered Plains of Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Cleft-chin's most notable trait is his chin, which has a cleft so deep that Kaladin thought it appeared as if he had been hit in the chin by an axe as a baby.[1]

The man himself is cautious, unwilling to admit even to Kaladin that he works for Graves.[1] Cleft-chin is also dismissive, appearing to look down on Kaladin due to his past as a bridgeman. He is also dedicated to the cause, persistent enough to attack Elhokar again, even after being beaten once by Kaladin. He strongly wanted the king to die, and is willing to ignore his own safety in an attempt to possibly kill Elhokar.


Cleft-chin worked for Graves.[1] Late in the year 1173, Moash put Cleft-chin and another man on duty in Bridge Four uniforms to guard King Elhokar Kholin at the Pinnacle. Moash and Graves intended to assassinate Elhokar that day. After Kaladin's change of heart, he went to find Elhokar. Cleft-chin stopped Kaladin at the door to the king's rooms, but recognized him as the leader of Bridge Four and thought that he was not a threat to the plan.

Cleft-chin was attacked by Kaladin and knocked to the ground, temporarily incapacitated.[1] As Kaladin was moving a drunken Elhokar from his rooms and out of the palace, Cleft-chin recovered and attacked again. He stabbed Elhokar in the side with a knife, wounding the king. Kaladin stabbed Cleft-chin in the stomach with a spear, killing the man.


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