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The Allomantic symbol for chromium

Chromium is the external enhancement pulling metal. An Allomancer burning chromium is able to make the metal reserves of another Allomancer vanish. Feruchemists can use chromium to store fortune, and when used as a Hemalurgic spike, chromium might steal destiny.

Allomantic Use

A chromium Misting is known as a Leecher. Chromium acts just like aluminum inside the body, causing any Allomancers touched by a Leecher to lose their metal reserves.[1] When burning away a person's metals, non-Invested metals go before the Invested ones.[2] Only Allomantically relevant metals can be burned away.[3]

Draining Investiture

A Leecher can also drain other forms of Investiture. They would be fairly effective at draining a person's Breath or Stormlight.[4] They would also be able to Leech from a Lifeless.[5] A Leecher could prevent a Shardbearer from summoning their blade.[6]

Feruchemical Use

The Feruchemical symbol for chromium

A chromium Ferring is known as a Spinner. Chromium is used to store Fortune. A Spinner filling a chromiummind will be unlucky, and can tap it to increase their luck.[1]


A chromium Compounder would be able to use chromium to have a nearly infinite supply of fortune and luck.[7]

Hemalurgic Use

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, chromium might steal destiny.[8]


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  • Alonoe of the Ire mentions that drawing on Fortune can cause coincidences to happen.[9]
  • Odium implies it may be used to predict the future.[10]


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