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by Sheep
Region Herdaz
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Chouta is a street food from Herdaz on Roshar. It consists of fried flatbread wrapped tightly around fried meat and sauce,[1] and can be carried in one hand and eaten while doing other things.[2]


The flatbread used in chouta is very thick.[2] The meat often used in the warcamps is flangria, which is mixed with ground lavis, formed into small balls, battered and fried.[1] The meatballs are then stuffed into the fried bread and covered with a generous amount of dark gravy.[2][1] The chouta stands in Dalinar's warcamp also sell a variety that is stuffed with fried cremling claws instead of meatballs,[1] and there may be other variations.[3] Chouta is flavorful, but not spicy.[4]


Lopen introduced Bridge Four to chouta. Kaladin initially thinks it looks disgusting,[2] but Sigzil and Rock try it and enjoy it.[1] Kaladin eventually breaks down and buys some chouta from a street vendor; he is annoyed to discover that he actually likes it.[5] The love of chouta spreads throughout Bridge Four, and Teft, Skar, Leyten, and Drehy are all later seen eating it.[4][6]

Chouta is sold at a tavern in Kholinar visited by Hoid and Shallan.[7]


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