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by Sheep
Region Herdaz
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Chouta is a Herdazian street food. It consists of a thick, fried flatbread wrapped around fried meat and a dark gravy. It is wrapped tightly enough that it can be carried in one hand and eaten while doing other things.[1] The standard meat is flangria, which is mixed with ground lavis, formed into small balls, battered and fried. The chouta stands in Dalinar's warcamp also sell a variety that is stuffed with cremling claws.[2]


Lopen introduced Bridge Four to the concept of chouta. It went over well, especially with Sigzil and Rock, but Kaladin was not impressed and called it "slovenly".[2] Kaladin eventually breaks down and tries it. He is annoyed to discover that it is actually good. [3] According to the description given by Lopen, chouta is basically a fried meatball sub with a flatbread wrap instead of a roll.


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