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Chip (hunter)
Profession Hunter
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Chip is a hunter from Scadrial.[1]


Chip saw a business opportunity to lead hunting expeditions from Elendel to the Roughs, where exotic animals such as lions could be found. Chip believed that residents of Elendel who had never seen such animals would pay handsomely for a hunting guide, and he borrowed money from his girlfriend in order to print some marketing broadsheets. Chip and his girlfriend later had a dispute over the money, and she stabbed him in his genitals. After some constables found him bleeding in the street, they informed him that lions were protected animals and that it was illegal to kill them. They threw him in jail and accidentally broke his fingers with the cell door, such that he could no longer bend them properly after they healed.[1]

Wayne cited Chip to Marasi as an example of someone he thinks of when he is down in order to feel better about his own life.[1] Chip is only known from Wayne's story, which may be apocryphal.


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