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Chowyun Chin
Profession Computer expert
Groups Aspect
Homeworld Earth (Legion)

Chowyun Chin[1] is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.

He is a computer expert, and helped Ivans talk Stephen through fixing a large computer system during the Longway Incident.[2] He always wears sunglasses, even while inside or when the sun isn't out. He helps Stephen to create and maintain some of the high-tech programs he keeps on his phone.[1]

Just after Armando turned into a nightmare, Chin hung out in the game room of Stephen's mansion.[3] Later, Stephen asked Chin to run a sketch through facial recognition, but Chin declined, saying he already knew that the face belonged to Kyle Walters.[4] While infiltrating Walters and Ostman Detention Enterprises, Stephen calls Chin for help exploiting the security system, which he provides.[5] When Stephen is in the simulation of the mob raid, Chin speaks directly into Stephen's ear and helps him to trap the WODE employees in with him. Moments later, he dies or goes nightmare, along with all of the other remaining aspects but Jenny.[6]


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