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Abilities Cytonics, mimicry
Species Taynix
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared ReDawn

Cheeky is a hyperslug taynix found on Detritus.[1] They are Sadie's personal slug, though mental commands have to be given to Cheeky through Jorgen, as Sadie is not a cytonic.[1][2]


Sadie adopted Cheeky as her personal hyperslug sometime after the mission to rescue Cuna from Sunreach. Cheeky accompanied Sadie on the mission to ReDawn. During the first clash with the Unity faction, Jorgen used Cheeky to rescue Sadie from a light net by teleporting their ship out of the net.[1] Sadie also brought Cheeky on the mission to Evershore. Cheeky stayed behind in Sadie's ship while negotiations with the kitsen took place. When the Superiority attacked, Sadie and Kimmalyn were stuck out in the open and couldn't get to their fighters. Jorgen had Cheeky hyperjump to Sadie and then take her to her fighter so she could join the battle.[2]


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