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Profession Cab driver
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Shadows of Self

It had my soul. has my soul.


Chapaou is a cab driver for Ashweather Carriage and Coach in Elendel on Scadrial.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Chapaou is short and balding. He owns a dog for a while but does not replace it after it dies. He is deeply unnerved by his ordeal with Bleeder and for a while becomes convinced that he is responsible for the murder of Father Bin.[1]


I will make you free.

Bleeder to Chapaou[1]

By the year 341 PC, Chapaou had lived in Elendel and worked at Ashweather Carriage and Coach for several years. On the evening of Lady ZoBell's party, he was driving coach sixteen and was assigned to pick up a person by the name of Shanwan (a Terris name meaning "secret") in the Fourth Octant.[2] When the client entered the coach, Chapaou saw that his hands were red. During the ride, he heard noises coming from the interior that raised his suspicions and caused him to peek inside, where he saw a form that he described as a "mistwraith" that took on a twisted version of his own face. Chapaou drove in a panic the rest of the way to Lestib Square. There, Bleeder climbed up beside him and whispered to him before fleeing.[1] Chapaou, after discovering a bundle of bones and a pile of coins left behind in the coach, went to a Soothing parlor on Decan Street in an attempt to forget what had happened.[2][1] He paid for a private session, but he was so overwrought that he disturbed the other patrons and only paced instead of accepting a massage.[1]

In the course of his investigation, Waxillium Ladrian identified the line of carriage that Bleeder had taken and tracked down the specific carriage driver by looking at the company records at Ashweather Carriage and Coach; the Coinshot employed there directed him to the Soothing parlor.[2] When Chapaou saw Wax enter the room, he was overcome by the sight of a lawman. After Wax confirmed his identity, the two of them went outside and conversed by Chapaou's carriage. Chapaou told Wax what had happened while Wax inspected the bundle that included the bones and robe of Larskpur and the mallet that Bleeder had used to drive the spikes into Father Bin's eyes. Wax gave Chapaou a few banknotes before departing.[1]


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