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Born 1157[1]
Died Ishi 1172[2]
Profession Chull farmer, Spearman in Amaram's army
Groups Amaram's army, Kaladin's squad
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Cenn is a young, darkeyed spearman in Amaram's army. He is looked after by Dallet and Kaladin during his first and fatal battle.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Cenn is young, inexperienced, and bears a certain resemblance to Tien. Before his first battle he gets nervous, exclaiming that he's going to die, and experiences Dallet's gruff voice as comforting. While fighting he acts brave nonetheless.[1][2]


Cenn was a chull farmer before joining the army and was fifteen years old when he volunteered to enlist. After barely three months of training Cenn got assigned to Gare's squad, but before his first real battle Kaladin bribed Gare to transfer Cenn to his own squad to be able to protect the young recruit.[1][2]

When Cenn found his way to Kaladin's squad he was prepared for the upcoming fight by Dallet, Kaladin's sergeant, who told him to piss even though the army has already formed ranks. As soon as the battle started Cenn was surprised by the chaos of a real fight, as his training led him to believe that there would be more discipline and order in Amaram's army.[1]

During the battle Dallet kept watch over Cenn, regularly pushing him back in formation and giving him some veteran advice. After the squad formed a V formation, Cenn was first placed in the safe center of it. Later Dallet placed him at the bottom of the V pattern, although Cenn did no more than just stand his ground. An hour later Kaladin ordered the squad to abandon the hill they were defending, but in the chaos Cenn got separated from his squadmates. When faced by six enemy soldiers he still tried to make a stroke at the lead soldier but got stabbed in his thigh himself. His foe was about to kill him, were it not that Kaladin took all six of them down, and then Kaladin bound his wound.[1]

When Kaladin attacked a lighteyed officer, Dallet stayed behind with Cenn and the other wounded. Cenn was starting to feel light-headed because he lost too much blood, and when the Shardbearer came for them he just closed his eyes and was trampled by the man's horse.[1][2]

Cenn hissed a Death Rattle before his death, while Kaladin kneeled over him:

He watches! The black piper in the night. He holds us in his palm... playing a tune that no man can hear!

— Cenn's Death Rattle.[2]


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