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Region Sea of Lost Lights
World Shadesmar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Celebrant is a city in the Sea of Lost Lights in Shadesmar.[1] It is located in the island counterpart to the Sea of Spears in the Physical Realm.[2][3]

The city is a major trading port and generally prominent city in Shadesmar. It is where Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Sylphrena, Pattern, and Azure look for passage to Cultivation's Perpendicularity or Thaylen City when trapped in Shadesmar in Nan 1174.[4]


Celebrant is located on the western side of the island counterpart to the Sea of Spears in the Physical Realm, in the Sea of Lost Lights.[5]


Celebrant appears to be a melting pot of spren with many different kinds of true spren living within the city. These include cultivationspren, ashspren, Reachers, inkspren, and Cryptics. There are also spren with skin that looks like stone with molten light shining from within and a spren made out of smoke.[4]


Celebrant is organized in a similar fashion to that of a human city, though not as densely populated, with a market and docks. There are towers in the center of the city used to tell the time by a set of fires that burn in vertical holes.[4] The buildings are each constructed of a variety of materials like differently colored bricks or different types of stone.

The docks are longer than the city itself, to accommodate for it's status as a trading hub. Next to them are a series of long warehouses[6], a registrar with information about the docked boats and a moneychanger, where Stormlight can be traded for notes of exchange.[4]

The market is comprised mostly of open stalls with goods piled on tables. There are stalls that sell clothing, building materials, weapons, food, and art.[4]


Celebrant used to be a free city state, though it was taken over by the voidspren during the True Desolation. However, they didn't have firm control over the city, being present mostly through a few Fused officials.[4]

In Nan 1174, after the Siege of Kholinar, Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Sylphrena, Pattern, and Azure got stuck in Shadesmar after using an Oathgate corrupted by Sja-Anat. The group took passage on a ship captained by Ico that was going to Celebrant. While on the boat Shallan put an illusion of an Alethi woman on Syl so that she wouldn't be recognized as an honorspren.[5] After arriving, they separated into two groups: Shallan, Pattern, and Azure went to look for a ship willing to take them to Cultivation's Perpendicularity or Thaylen City while Kaladin, Adolin, and Syl went to the market to look for supplies. They agreed to meet back near the dock registrar after an hour.

In the market, the three bought rations, changes of clothing and two harpoons. Kaladin felt drawn to a painting in an art stall which he interpreted as depicting a kneeling figure with nine shadows, representing the Unmade and Odium's champion. The owner of the stall, a Reacher woman, told him that it was a piece from the Court of Gods, painted by Nenefra and intended for a divinity, and that it was rare that a painting from the Court reached the market before being burned. She also mentions that Nenefra's masterworks appear different to each person that sees them.

Shallan, Pattern, and Azure quickly learn that most spren had stopped traveling to Cultivation's Perpendicularity and Thaylen City because of the presence of Voidspren warships demanding tributes in those areas. Shallan thought they could also go to the Shattered Plains and found a willing ship heading east towards Freelight, however they could not negotiate because there would be an inspection soon and were told to return later. While returning to the meeting place, Azure saw a Fused talking to Ico on his ship, back at the registrar they learned that Celebrant was being ruled by Voidspren and shortly after, Kyril, one of the Fused officers, set fire to Ico's ship for harboring the humans.

Meanwhile, in the market, Syl was recognized by passing spren and revealed to Kaladin that there was a bounty on returning her to Lasting Integrity for having run away to the Physical Realm to bond with a human, and even though the Stormfather had forgiven her, most spren didn't know or care about that.

Back at the registrar Shallan hid them with illusions of sailors she had sketched earlier and managed to avoid detection by Kyril, who entered the building to order for the fire to be put out. The spren working there, realizing Shallan was a radiant, covered for them and told the Fused they had gone to the market and said to Shallan they should get on a ship and that he'd try to stall if he came back.

At the market, Kaladin sensed that something was wrong and pulled Adolin and Syl into a tent, just in time for the Fused official to fly past them. Heading to the docks, Syl showed them an honorspren ship and tried to hide once more. Kaladin, hearing one of Ico's sailors speaking in Alethi realized those were Shallan, Adolin and Pattern, hidden by the illusions. Reunited, the group saw that the only ship that was willing to take them had just left the docks, fleeing from the city, and tried to come up with a plan.

Syl, telling them she had an idea, ran towards the honorspren ship, revealing her disguise and screaming for attention. One of the sailors, seeing this, realized who she was and dropped the gangway, allowing the group to climb onto the deck, where Syl was immediately bound and imprisoned. As the ship pulled away, Kyril reached the docks and saw them getting on it, however, he did not chase after them and they were able to escape the city, which Kaladin took to mean that honorspren gave the Fused pause.[4]


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