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|books=[[The Stormlight Archive]]
|books=[[The Stormlight Archive]]
'''Celebrant''' is a city in the [[Sea of Lost Lights]].{{map ref|Sea of Lost Lights}}
'''Celebrant''' is a city in the [[Sea of Lost Lights]].{{map ref|Sea of Lost Lights}} In the [[Physical Realm]], Celebrant exists in the [[Sea of Spears]].{{map ref|Alethkar}}
== Significance ==
== Significance ==

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Region Sea of Lost Lights
World Shadesmar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
This page or section contains spoilers for Oathbringer!
This information has the ability to potentially ruin elements of the plot for the reader. Proceed with caution if you have not read this book.

Celebrant is a city in the Sea of Lost Lights.[1] In the Physical Realm, Celebrant exists in the Sea of Spears.[2]


Celebrant is a major trading port in the area and one of very few trading ports in the area.


Celebrant appears to be a melting pot of spren with many different kinds of intelligent spren living within the city. The makeup of the city is similar to the makeup of a human city, with a market and docks with spren filling the essential functions those places would require.[3] These include cultivationspren, ashspren, Reachers, inkspren, and Cryptics. There are also spren with skin that looks like stone with molten light shining from within and a spren made out of smoke.[3]


It is unknown who historically have been in charge of Celebrant, though it is described as a city state. During the events of Oathbringer Celebrant is under the control of the Fused and Voidspren.

It is located on the imprint left in Shadesmar of the Sea of Spears.[2]


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